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Healthcare jobs app is exclusively for health providers. Its simple design gives you access to a list of health professionals available for work or emergency situations. Providers can search and select the right candidate and contact them immediately.

Register as a Provider

Registration is simple. Select "Register as Healthcare Provider" and you will be directed to an online form.

Fill the form

Fill the form with your companies information. After submitting the form one of our operators will validate the info and contact you.

Available professionals

As a provider you can search, locate, select and connect with registered health professionals who are available for work. You can see their profiles and choose the best candidates for the job you offer.


The app advertises vacancies. Professionals can see jobs by location, specialities or search all vacancies from a featured healthcare provider. Health professionals apply direct for the jobs featured.

Emergency Available Professionals

With our unique emergency feature you can access the database of Health Professionals who have volunteered to be available to the NHS/Emergency services in a crisis. This free to use service, in a critical event, can locate health professionals in your vicinity and help direct resources more effectively.

Providers profile page

Your provider profile gives registered health professionals your contact and location details. This makes it easier for candidates to research, contact and find you when job hunting.


The news featured is based on location and cover a broad range health issues. We add health provider news to help inform our health professional user base of events or debates within the health sector.


The app highlights events and conferences are again based on location and represent a wide range of health topics.

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