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Healthcare jobs app is exclusively for health professionals. Its simple design means you can find health sector jobs easily. Health and care professionals can search and select the right jobs and connect with our registered healthcare providers.

Register as a Health Professional

To register is easy. Select 'Register as a Professional'. Provide an email address. Choose a password.

Edit your Profile

Your profile lets you control what Health Providers see about you, your location and experience. The more detail you add will generate more interest from a potential new employer.

Looking for full or part time job

You can select you are available for full or part time jobs or even both.

Availability Status

The app has a single action 'toggle' button that controls your availability. You decide your availability in one swipe of the on screen button. If you are unavailable for work healthcare providers will not be able to see you, but you can still use the app.

We added an 'Emergency' option for Health Professionals who wanted to be available to the NHS/Emergency services in a crisis.

Edit your specialties

Select your health speciality and the sector you are qualified in. The app ranks you based on your location and filters your experience to make it easier for Health providers to find you.


The app has a clever feature of only showing you the latest jobs that are closest to you. As long as you add your location and speciality you will see all the vacancies nearest to you. For jobs further away you can select push notification for these career opportunities.

Check our news

The news featured is based on your location and cover a broad range health issues.

Check our events

Events and conferences highlighted are again based on your location and represent a wide range of health topics.

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